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Welcome to the school council section of our website. Your school council members for this year are:

Year 1 – Mea, Alexander, Josua, Chloe, Ethan and Tara.

Year 2 – Freddie,Emily, Harry, Tula, Amelie, Swanick, Carys and Levi.

Year 3 – Xavier,Verity, Noah, Katie, Maja, Ethan, Caitlin and Isla.

Year 4 – Charlie, Kacie, Martha, Harrison, Sheldon and May.

Year 5 – Payton, Leo, Nia, Razaq, Aidan and Marnie.

Year 6 – William, Kylie, Harry, Natasha,Calum, Ollie and Lottie.

Chair – Ollie


October 1 2018


The school council met to elect new chair (see minutes of meeting below)


January 30 2017


Today, Bitterne Park, Holy Family and Sinclair school councillors met at Highfield House to discuss ways in which we could further improve our schools. Firstly, we celebrated and shared the work we have done so far such as beginning to design the greenspace. Then, we had a very special visitor who talked to us about how we could make our school a school of sanctuary. We listed ideas on how to make our school a safe and welcoming place for those seeking sanctuary in the hope that we can begin to work towards receiving a school of sanctuary certificate for our school. After we had our lunch we talked about how we could organise and run an energy saving afternoon where teachers and pupils would use as little energy as possible to protect our environment. It was a super day and we now have a lot to be getting on with.
Lincoln, Vice-Chair

Monday 9th January 2017


On Monday 9th January, our School Council went on a trip to Holy Family and Sinclair to look at their play equipment to take ideas for our new playground. Both Sinclair and Holy Family have recently designed and built new areas for their playgrounds.


Holy Family’s playground had an adventure pirate ship, a climbing area, a music area and an amphitheatre with a stage. Sinclair’s playground had an adventure climbing frame castle, an undercover rocket ship with space to sit and relax, a ball cage, a story area, a stage and a den building area.


In our next school council meeting we will discuss what we liked and disliked about the two school playgrounds which will help us come up with ideas for our own playground.

We had a great trip and are really looking forward to designing our own playground!

Written by Matteo


Monday 3rd October 2016


Today we went to Highfield House for our school council meeting. The school councillors from all three schools across Mrs Montague’s partnership were there. We had a very fun and exciting day where we made some new friends whilst taking part in some school council related activities.

Your school councillors hard at work


We thought about the qualities that made a good school councillor and we discussed the contribution that pupil voice has in our school. We also came up with many ideas on how to make our schools a better place. Together we came up with an action plan for each school that we will take back to our classes so that they can give us more suggestions on how we can continue with our projects. Some of the things we would like to improve include our green space, an energy saving scheme and adding a gardening area to our school. We look forward to working on these ideas throughout the year.


Written by Matteo and Lincoln.


The school council meets every fortnight with Miss Keen and Miss Day to discuss actions you would like to happen in our school. We then make decisions based on your suggestions. Below are the minutes from these meetings:

The Chair and Vice-Chair meet with Mrs Montague every term to discuss your suggestions. Below are the minutes from these meetings:

We also meet termly with our partnership schools, Holy Family Primary School and Sinclair Primary School.


Every class has a suggestion box in their class for you to put your suggestions in. We will then discuss your suggestions in our school council meetings.


What would you like to happen in our school? Remember, your voice counts!