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Pip and Pap Phonics





Pip and Pap Phonics is an engaging and effective Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme aligned to Letters and Sounds (2007). It has been developed in Southampton schools by school staff, for school staff.


Our mission is to ensure that all children are supported to become skilful and confident in their use of phonics for reading and writing, thus being able to access and enjoy all aspects of learning throughout their schooling.


Our approach is simple – learning to read and write should be engaging, fun and fuss free. Our complete SSP programme provides a wealth of resources, including daily plans and teaching booklets, complemented by a dedicated “keep up” programme. This ensures that learners are well supported to acquire the skills and confidence needed for successful decoding and encoding.


Friendly and familiar characters in the ‘Pip and Pap’ world support children to navigate their way through the programme, featuring in both the phonics resources and fully decodable book scheme.


The programme focuses on developing both reading and writing skills. Plans for each Grapheme-Phoneme Correspondence (GPC) are accompanied by high quality resources to promote opportunities for children to read and write independently. The programme can be used for whole class teaching or can be delivered to small groups. The programme helps to build the confidence of pupils to share their learning with pride, whilst developing children’s speaking and listening skills in the process.


We believe strongly that investing in a Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme should not be costly for schools. Therefore, we provide our resources in electronic format, so that schools can print the number of resources they need, bespoke to their school.

We wish to empower teachers to make decisions that support their individual learners. By giving staff access to all plans and resources, teachers can make informed choices to tailor the learning activities to the needs of their groups as appropriate. Continuity of quality delivery is further supported via extension and support planning.


The programme has been trialed and tested extensively across Southampton and in Hampshire and has a clear track record of helping to raise standards of attainment in phonics. The complete Pip and Pap SSP Programme provides a clear structure to support children to meet and exceed the Expected Standard in the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check, as well inspiring a love for reading and writing in children.



Key features include:


* High quality, comprehensive plans and daily teaching booklets for each grapheme-phoneme correspondence, and a supplementary dedicated ‘keep up’ intervention programme with daily resources to further support learners.


* A multisensory approach, with emphasis on learning to decode and encode through engaging activities.


* A wealth of engaging resources to support phonics delivery are included as part of the package, including dedicated resource bookletsflashcards, sound mats, word cards, sentence cards and writing scaffolds.


* A robust assessment package for tracking progress and to support further tailoring of learning to meet the needs of each individual, including an electronic gaps analysis and data reporting suite.


* A full reading scheme, containing 119 decodable story books for children, fully aligned to the programme, available to purchase directly from Pip and Pap Phonics.


Training packages to support with delivery of the programme and phonics pedagogy, and a full Practitioner Manual to support all practitioners delivering sessions.


The programme has been trialled and tested extensively in Southampton and Hampshire schools and has a clear track record of helping to raise standards of attainment in phonics.