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Year 6 Blog Post

Year 6 Blog Post


This week, Year 6 have been visited by Bikeability and have had a fantastic time!


Their lessons have started this week and will continue for other classes into next week. Our students have enjoyed a range of lessons, covering cycling skills, road safety and theory. In their first lesson, children explored how and when to give priority, signalling and different possible junctions they may come across.


Then, they were split into smaller groups for some close-teaching out on the road, focusing on keeping safe. They have developed many amazing skills that they will use for life!


Angela- "Bikeability helped us to gain confidence when cycling on the road!"

Ren- "I thought Bikeability was really fun since we learnt how to cycle on the road safely."

Freya- "I liked Bikeability because I have learnt how to ride a bike and stay safe when riding on the road."