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Music can change the world


In line with our Eco-schools drive, we have been writing raps about climate change.  Led by our fantastic music teachers, we have brainstormed ideas about how to reduce climate change.  Then, using our knowledge and understanding of rhythm, we have composed verses of a class rap and practised them to a backing track.  Below is a flavour of some of our creations.  But they sound much better performed out loud!


Do you know about global warming?

If not, this will give you a warning.

These are the problems we have every day,

Let’s find a solution! Together! Today! 


Deforestation is a humiliation

This situation is not a simulation.

There’s no planet B in space,

But we still haven’t solved the Global Warming case.


This is my warning to stop all your yawning,

Come on this is serious, yet you’re so oblivious.

We young people need our Earth

But you don’t treat it for what it’s worth!


“It was fun to create our own lyrics about such an important topic.” - Freddie


“My favourite part of music this half term has been writing our own lyrics and putting them over our own beat.” - Thai Lei 


Wonderful Water Aid


On Friday the 1st April, we plunged into the fascinating and, to be honest, worrying world of the Water Aid charity.  We discovered that there is a massive inequality around the world with regards to access to clean, safe water and sanitation.  We realised how lucky we are in school to have clean toilets and water on tap, and that those who don’t are at a major disadvantage compared to us.  Children of our age in some parts of the world have to spend hours trekking to collect water for everyday use and are unable to attend school because of the time required.  Some of those who are lucky enough to have time to go to school may have to use unclean, unsafe toilet facilities.  The Water Aid charity raises awareness and money to help improve access to water and build clean toilets.  We created leaflets, billboard adverts, interviews and poems to motivate others to contribute to this amazing project.


“We learnt about how important water is and without it we couldn’t wash or wash ourselves properly.” - Albie


“My favourite part was seeing how easily germs could spread by putting paint on our hands and passing it on.” - Elsie 


It’s time to take action!


Having completed our high-tension ‘Survival Story’ unit, based on Katherine Rundell’s The Explorer, we are now delving into our new topic of ‘Motivational Speeches.’ We have already started analysing the features and language of powerful, persuasive texts using rich examples by the likes of Greta Thunberg, Kamala Harris and John Boyega. 


The purpose of this unit is to convey a deep sense of passion and urgency towards an issue that the children believe could truly change the world. Some of examples of the topics we have chosen to write about are:


  • Racial equality

  • Women’s rights

  • Climate change


After conducting research into case studies and examples, building vocabulary and carefully considering their target audience, the children will share their final outcomes with an emotive delivery of their speech to their classmates. 


“Something I am inspired by is that everybody is different, which is good because we are all unique, and we are all equal!” - Freya


“I found Kamala Harris’ speech particularly inspiring as her delivery was positive and confident.” - Noah




This half term, Year 6 have been exploring ‘Animals including Humans’. Our journey through this weird and wonderful topic began by thinking scientifically about our Big Question - How do the choices we make about how we live affect the human body? We discussed how we all put our bodies through a wide range of activities throughout an ordinary day, but do we fully understand the impact these activities have on our bodies? 


Our first stop was to look closely at the circulatory system - understand what it is and analyse exactly how it works. It was fascinating to discover how such a system exists within our bodies and does so much everyday, without us really noticing! We looked closely at all the elements of the circulatory system, including the heart, the lungs and the blood. 


Having explored the heart and the circulatory system, Year 6 were set on investigating how a muscle, like the heart, can be affected throughout the day. We decided to investigate how the heart’s pulse rate might change when the body is completing different sporting activities. We practised measuring our pulse rates by carefully counting the heart’s beats per minute (BPM) and then recorded the results for each activity. Having completed our investigation, we then enjoyed presenting our data in a range of different ways.  


In order to reach an understanding of how to further answer our Big Question, we will next be looking at the digestive system and exploring exactly how food is broken down inside the body and how water and nutrients are transported around the body. 


“It is important to learn about the circulatory system so that we know how to keep ourselves healthy.” - Mya


“I found it really interesting to learn about the journey the blood goes through when travelling around the body.” - Amelia.