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Year 5 Blog Post Update

Year 5 Blog Post Update 


In our English topic, we have been focusing on the magical journey from the story of 'The Day I Fell Into a Fairytale' by Ben Miller. We have explored how tension and suspense has been built up in the writing and how the author makes the reader feel curious and surprised. It has been interesting to analyse journeys from other stories too, which have inspired us to begin writing our own.


"I'm enjoying listening to the story because it has something surprising on every page! I'm really excited to start writing my paragraphs and I'm aiming to use lots of 'show me, don't tell me' to describe how my character is feeling." - Brooke 



We are learning about drawing objects and features in proportion during our art lessons. We have been reflecting throughout the journey and considering how we can improve our drawings. It has been exciting to learn a range of sketching styles and apply them to our work. A big focus for this half term has been on ensuring the form is accurate through careful observation. 


"Art is one of my favourite subjects and I now feel much more confident with drawing things in proportion. It has been helpful to see and measure the ratio of the features on a face and I can't wait to start drawing my own self portrait." - Tula