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Zooming into books with Jenny Pearson:

Year 5 were set the challenge of decorating our classroom doors for World Book Day inspired by our favourite class book (Ickabog by J.K.Rowling,  The Midnight Guardians by Ross Montgomery and The Incredible Record Smashers by Jenny Pearson). From adventures with six foot tigers to the monstrous Ickabog to smashing records to create happiness, we used our creativity and team work skills to make this possible. Throughout the day, we acted in role as different characters, shared our favourite books with Year 2, and even wrote persuasive speeches convincing others to want to read them. 


Following the success of our classroom door design, 5S were lucky enough to be contacted by the author, Jenny Pearson, who offered a 1-hour virtual session involving quizzes and a chance for questions and answers at the end. The children were so enthused by her friendly, engaging presentation and even asked some insightful questions:

How do you juggle being an author and a teacher!? (Tula)

How did your author career start? (Poppy)

Did any of your students give you ideas for your book? (Jack F)


World Book Day really influenced the children's 'reading for pleasure' (even more so than before!) and it's been lovely to see and hear about how many children have been able to get access to new books, encouraged by a memorable day.



How far do your favourite foods travel before reaching you?

In Geography this term, we have been learning about global, national and local trade. We have explored the different types of goods that are imported and exported around the world. We found it particularly interesting to find out how far our favourite foods travel around the world before reaching the UK. Did you know that chocolate has to travel over 6,000 miles before reaching our stores in the UK? 

"It was fascinating to learn about National and Global trade. I was shocked when we learnt about the despicable sugar trade but inspired and encouraged by our learning about Fairtrade." - Tilly



Not all rules are good!

In our R.E lessons we have extended our learning about justice and have been looking into rules and laws in religion and in real-life. In our classrooms we created our own 'courtroom' and discussed whether some rules and laws can be broken. The children took on different roles including jurors, judges, witnesses, prosecutors and defendants. We linked our learning to the Easter story and discussed Jesus' own experiences with justice and the Pharisees.



Fun with forces:

Our science topic this half term is 'Forces'. So far, we have learnt about gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction. It has been fun to carry out experiments that have helped us understand more about these forces: we created a variety of parachutes to see how air resistance and gravity work; we built boats out of playdough to investigate water resistance and buoyancy; and we explored friction by sliding whiteboards across different surfaces and by rubbing our hands together. 


"I enjoyed making boats out of playdough and testing them to see if they would float. This helped us to understand more about water resistance and buoyancy." - Larshwin 



Building bridges:

In DT this half term, Year 5 have had a brilliant time building bridges. So far, we have focused on different structures including pillars, trusses, beams, arches and suspension bridges. Year 5 enjoyed testing different shapes and styles to see which is the strongest and easiest to build. This linked in well to our science knowledge, as we could consider how gravity acts on bridges and use trusses, pillars and arches to spread compression forces across the whole structure. We are now excited to bring all of this learning together to create our final products.


"I've loved DT this half term because I enjoy crafting things. I have been able to apply the skills that I have learnt at home and it has been great to learn new things." - Rhyce.