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Year 5 should be really proud of their efforts and achievements in all areas of the curriculum this half term. As always, their enjoyment of their learning really shines through and here are some of the things we've been up to:
Pedal Power!
Now, as roadworthy cyclists, a real highlight of the half term has been our Bikeability training.  Arriving at school with our bikes and helmets sent a real buzz around the Year 5 corridor. Building our confidence on our bikes and ensuring we knew all about road safety, the training was loved by all, not even being phased by the cold weather conditions.
"Before we started Bikeability, I didn't feel confident riding my bike whereas now I love cycling in all different places" - Lewis.
Vile Victorians!
Oh how glad we are to not have been at school in the 19th century. Ranging from grammar schools to ragged schools, education was so very different. Imagine thirty children all writing on slate boards with chalk or being asked to stand in the corner with a dunce hat on your head! We compared and contrasted a Victorian classroom to our own classroom and the different types of education children were offered depending on their family's class. However, this wasn't the case for every child. Over the coming weeks, we're going to delve deeper into the roles the children had to undertake from such a young age.
Awesome Abstract Artwork!
Inspired by Pablo Picasso, our artwork has been a stark contrast to the portraiture we created in the autumn term. How can such abstract portraits create such interest? was a question we asked ourselves before we explored his work in detail. The children have found much hilarity in the pieces and initially struggled to move away from the proportion and ratio they were familiar with! However, look at some of the fantastic pieces they have created so far. 
"I am proud of my cubist portrait because it is bold, vibrant and the features are out of proportion". -Ethan
"I enjoyed creating my abstract piece of work because it does not look realistic and has a range of different colours".- Rammneet
Soaring through the majestic landscape of Alaska!
Our English unit began with a trip half way across the world. Never had Year 5 imagined the sensational sights and sounds that could be found four thousand miles from home. Way of the Wolf by Bear Grylls has inspired our creative writing of the adventure that awaits the main character, Beck. Figurative language, emotive vocabulary and different sentence types have all led to some fantastic pieces of writing.
"The Alaskan unit we have been writing about is awe-inspiring because the landscape is endless and has allowed our imagination to run wild!" - Colbie
Keep up the wonderful work Year 5!