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Year 4 have had a really busy half term so far! We are currently preparing for our multiplication check which will commence during the first week back of Summer 2 term. The children have been working incredibly hard to recall their tables within a 6 second limit! Keep up the hard work, Year 4!

As part of our ongoing school-focused sanctuary vision, the children in Year 4 have been able to deepen their understanding in English lessons. All of the Year 4 teachers have been so impressed with how conscientious, thoughtful and positive the children have been towards this writing topic. As a result, the children are able to speak confidently about the meaning of sanctuary, displaced people and the rights to identity and safety. 


“It is important that we try to understand the difficult journeys that some people have to make when escaping war and danger. We can then try to show empathy to those people who are settling in a new place” – Chloe


“This topic helps us remember why we must be grateful for what we have” – Sammie


“It is important to understand how refugees feel so that we can build relationships with them” – Mollie and Anaiya


This half term has been money focused! The children have shown a strong conceptual knowledge with regard to coins, notes and key language such as change. Additionally, our mathematicians have identified the link between place value and converting pounds and pence. All children have applied their understanding to different contexts, such as real life scenario word problems, which have drawn upon a range of operations. 


“I have enjoyed the whole money topic. It was broad and we covered more than one area, including lots of real life examples” – Josiah


Classifying animals 
The buzz in our Science classrooms at the moment is infectious! There has been an abundance of hands up with children keen to share different facts and knowledge surrounding a range of animals. This has been an opportune time for us to classify and group animals based on common characteristics. 


“I have enjoyed learning about invertebrates and vertebrates! I now know that a snake has a bendy backbone” – Isla


“You can classify living things in different ways such as how they behave and breathe. For example, reptiles and amphibians are different groups” - Harry