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Awesome ‘Fours’ are Forging on!

Yes indeed! Year 4 have been extremely busy in the first 4 weeks of Spring 2 and we have lots to report about our successes since the last Year 4 blog entry . . . and our plans running up to the Easter break.


Major Measuring and a well-known Billionaire?

How can these be linked?  Well (they aren’t really but . . .) they are the foci of our core subjects of maths and English.


Pupils have been measuring, multiplying and calculating simple lengths, perimeter and area as well as measuring of a different kind through data handling and statistics.  This has involved practical tasks and some interesting use of algebra to help extend and deepen learning.

‘Billionaire Boy’ (by David Walliams) and his mission to change his ways and find some friends continues to delight as our year-group class reader (if that makes sense?!) and it has served as a focus for our writing too, in the form of first-person diary entries.


Do States of Matter really Matter?

You may well wonder, and it is our mission to find out this half term!  Delving deeper into the world of solids, liquids and gases, their composition, their qualities and, essentially, what makes them tick is absorbing Year 4 at the moment.  The conditions under which states of matter change, both artificially and naturally are providing rich pickings for prediction, planning of investigations and evaluation of results.


River Deep, Mountain High

Now these two are linked because our switch from History to Geography work this half term takes us through all the highs and lows, the hot the cold, the evaporation, condensation and precipitation of  . . . the water cycle.  Neatly dove-tailed with Science, pupils are studying rivers and the part they play in our eco-system and the impact that physical and human activity can have on them.

Mindful of the global importance of having fresh, clean water for all, we will celebrate the work of WaterAid on 1st April with a day of focused activities and awareness of how best to lessen the negative impacts of  excessive water use and waste.


Kool Kandinsky

Last half term, pupils produced some stunning painted work using blended tints and tones.  This colour work was inspired by the abstract work of Wassily Kandinsky and special attention was paid to creating individually designed tiles of painted work to construct an eclectic composition of similar, but contrasting tones.  Next stop, The Tate!

Simple Symbols… and the best ones are just that: simple, easily recognisable and (without words) able to communicate a whole wealth of information, meaning and inferred significance. 

Their utilisation and importance in almost every aspect of our lives makes ‘Symbols’ a perfect starting point in RE for enquiring about, and evaluating, the purpose of symbols, both religious and otherwise.  Exploring the context in which all symbols have a role to play in modern life is vital, and intriguing!


Hurray for World Book Day!

Many thanks for the support you gave to your child in the approach to ‘WBD’; the variety, relevance, colour and sheer fun associated with the bounty of book-related outfits on the day was marvellous.  Year 4 spent the day immersed in activities based around each class’ favourite, or current, class reader (this was before ‘Billionaire Boy’ arrived in town) and a great time was had by all!  Every class door was decorated, bunting was hung and each class contributed to a Year 4 WBD video highlighting why we really love reading (naturally!)

We hope you have all received your WBD voucher and look forward to hearing how your child chose to use it.


Please enjoy a few images of our work, our activities and our inventive outfits. 


The Year 4 team continue to be astounded and inspired by the day-to-day achievements of your children and we look forward to continued great work in the late spring and summer terms.