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Fabulous Year 4 forge full-force forward into 2022! 

Quite an opening phrase but, my goodness we have been busy and enjoying a whole host of new, exciting units of work, charity challenges and Eco-conscious projects . . . and that’s in just 3 weeks!


Fantastic Fractions and Fearful Fiction

Applying knowledge of division through work in fractions has been the main focus of maths since we returned. Pictorial, shape and numerical fractions, their equivalents and their added (or subtracted) totals continue to intrigue our mathematical minds.

In our writing, Year 4 are waxing lyrical with a focus on creative phrasing and figurative language to describe a spooky setting and a mysterious mission . . . (and yes, alliteration is in there!)



The Vikings have invaded!

This term’s History unit has been welcomed with enthusiasm and curiosity . . . Evaluating sources of information, making inferences and analysing cause and effect are all key to studying the ‘What, How and Why’ of early settlers in the UK.



Good Vibrations

Let’s hear it for Science!

Yes, it’s all about the longitudinal, the pinna and the stirrup in Science this term.  The children are absorbed by the hands-on experimentation involving sources of sound, vibrations and the anatomy of the ear.  They have witnessed how sound energy transmits to the outer ear and continue to learn about the importance of the smallest bones in the human body.



Eco-School project.

Along with the rest of the school, Year 4 enjoyed researching, resourcing and planting their hazel saplings in Week 2.  Armed with trowels, canes, protective tubes, some delicate hazel saplings and wellies (of course!) we chose our planting spots on the western perimeter of the school field.  Adding our hazel to the collection of other tree-species, the children will enjoy monitoring the saplings as they grow and provide both shade and beauty.



Many thanks, and well done, to those who supported their children with designing recycling posters.  Highlighting and encouraging a small but vital change in our eco-behaviour will hopefully continue to make a direct impact on waste reduction, reusing and recycling. 


Here are a few photos to help put you in the picture. The Year 4 teaching team are super-proud of how enthusiastically our children have started this new year . . . Well done!