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In our English lessons, we have been reading the story of 'The Twits' by Roald Dahl. We have explored the different characters and considered what makes Mr and Mrs Twit devious and sneaky characters. For our final outcome, we will be creating our own revenge trick for Mr Twit to play on his wife. We will write a narrative to describe how Mr Twit sets up and disguises his trick, as well as considering ways to portray his devious nature to the reader.


To generate ideas, Year 3 visited a 'Trick Shop' in the Key Stage 2 hall. We analysed and explored different trick ideas, considering which would be most successful and how these could be disguised effectively so Mrs Twit wouldn't notice. We had a great time and thought of some brilliant ideas!


Kayleigh (3B)

"I liked going to the trick ship because it was a surprise! I got lots of different ideas for my own trick. My favourite trick was putting slime of itching powder into Mrs Twit's slippers."


Harry (3W)

"I loved going to the trick shop! I liked the chocolate sponge cake trick because the sponge was hidden under the chocolate icing. It was really funny! The trick shop gave me lots of ideas for my own story!"


Archie (3Ch)

"I really enjoyed the trick shop because we got to see so many revolting, funny tricks! My favourite trick was the itching powder because it would be really easy to disguise and it would be really funny to see her itching so much!"


Keira (3Ch)

"In writing, we have been learning about The Twits and what types of characters they are. I know they are both really devious and sly characters. We got to go to a trick shop in the hall! My favourite trick was putting the slime in the slippers because it was so gruesome and would be really horrible for Mrs Twit to put her feet in!!"