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Year 3 have had an amazing start to the year and we are all so proud!


Awesome Authors

Move over David Walliams!  The Year 3 authors are here and their pencils are on fire!  Blubbering Bertha, Dribbling Drew and Peter Picker are a thing of the past as Negative Nelly and Noisy Nigel have appeared in Bitterne Park Primary School!  Armed with our creative writing toolkits and our great imaginations, we have explored their character traits and thought about how they interact with others.  No one wants Noisy Nigel in their classroom!


Marvellous Mathemagicians

Mathemagicains is what we have become, as three-digit numbers have not defeated us!  Retrieving our Year 2 place value knowledge based around two-digit numbers, we have been able to partition three-digit numbers into hundreds, tens and ones using a range of practical resources.  We are also 'bowled over' by our times tables as we enjoy challenging ourselves to count and recall facts from the 3 and 4 times tables, aiming to beat our previous scores each week. 


Intrepid Explorers

In geography, we have channelled our inner Bear Grylls as we have explored our landscapes and compared the differences across the UK.  Following the 'Spring Tide' visits of King Charles III to Scotland (Operation Kingfisher), Wales (Operation Dragon) and Northern Ireland (Operation Shamrock), we have used atlases to plot where our capital cities are on our own maps and located the main rivers and seas, exploring the functions of these features and how they have been used over time. 


Great Geologists

Using our knowledge of Mary Anning from Year 2 and knowing how she recorded her findings of fossils on the coast of Lyme Regis, in our science lessons, we have been exploring different rocks and grouping and categorising them by their appearance and properties, including learning the meaning of the scientific vocabulary 'sedimentary', 'metamorphic' and 'igneous'.  We are geologists in the making!


The Year 3 team are so amazed by our children's desire to learn and are excited for the year ahead!