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Year 3 have been working really hard this half term! Here are some of the things we have been up to since our last blog post



In our maths lessons this term, we have been learning about time. We really enjoyed showcasing our conceptual understanding by creating our own clocks using paper plates. We labelled these with key language to support our learning and understanding throughout the topic. We have enjoyed working in groups to explore our floor clock and applying our understanding to different application tasks. We are excited to continue this topic and apply these skills to our everyday lives.


In our English lessons, we have been writing our own setting descriptions. We started the unit by exploring ways we can create detailed descriptions using our senses and used both video clips and music to generate language. We loved this part of our learning journey! We then explored authors who create a sense of suspense and tension for their readers and considered the techniques they use to create this effect. We worked hard to replicate this when writing our own spooky setting descriptions. This week, we will be publishing our final pieces and reflecting on the effect we created as authors. Keep your eyes peeled to read some of our wonderful writing!


"I've been working hard to create a spooky setting description. I used my genre booklet to look at how different writers make us feel tense and tried hard to do this in my writing too." - Summer (3B)


"I liked how we used music and videos to make word banks. This helped me to make my setting seem really spooky for my reader and show that Lotso was feeling terrified!" - Parker (3B)



Our science work this term has been focused on plant lifecycles. We considered the appearance and function of the parts of a flower and how each plays a part in the lifecycle of a plant. We dissected a daffodil to appreciate what each part looks like in real-life. We then planted sunflower seeds and watched the germination process, learning how the plant begins its life by growing a root and a shoot. Using drama, we re-enacted the pollination process by becoming bees collecting pollen from the anthers of one plant and transferring it to the stigma of a different one. We investigated different methods of seed dispersal and learnt that when this is successful, the lifecycle starts again. Building on our knowledge from Year 2, we revised what elements a plant needs to grow healthily and planned an experiment to test what would happen if we deprived the plant of sunlight, water or warmth. We then linked our learning to our geography topic on climates and learnt how plants can adapt to suit the weather conditions in different parts of the world. 



This half term, Year 3 have continued to learn about climate change and have linked this to the human and physical threats to the Great Barrier Reef. We started the half term by researching facts using the Chromebooks and presented the information in our books in an informative and entertaining way. From this, we were able to discover where it was, what lives there and what issues it is facing. We then focused our learning on three threats - overfishing, land-based pollution and global warming - to think about what we can do to help raise awareness of the issues. We have been presenting our work through speeches, posters and debates in our book. We look forward to sharing our ideas with you and encouraging you to make small changes with a big impact!


"I have enjoyed learning about how we are impacting the Great Barrier Reef and what we can do to help!" – Mina (3W)


"I liked learning how climate change affects the Great Barrier Reef. I loved using the Chromebooks to research which animals live there!" – Toby (3W)


"It's really important that we try and save the Great Barrier Reef. Not only is it a huge food source, but it's dying and we need to do something to try and stop that!" – Vincent (3W)