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Year 3 have been really enjoying our new topics so far this half term! Here are some of the things we have been up to since our last blog post.


World Book Day!

We had an amazing time on World Book Day and loved dressing up as our favourite book characters. Our day was based around our class book 'The Day I Fell into a Fairy-tale' by Ben Miller. We explored characters and storylines from traditional fairy tales. We considered how the storylines could have been changed if the characters were given different roles, or if there was an alternative ending. We created our own fairy tales based upon this exploration. For example, Snow White may have tricked the Queen instead! We then created our own self-portraits, transforming ourselves into fairy-tale characters.


Jaya- "All of the costumes were amazing. My favourite part of the day was choosing our new class book to read together."


Olivia- "I liked drawing my own self portrait and imagining what I would look like if I was a fairy-tale character."



In our English lessons, we have been exploring the story of 'Guess Who's Coming For Dinner?' by John Kelly and Cathy Tincknell. We have loved reading this story and investigating Dr Hunter's true, evil motive! We have particularly enjoyed looking closely at the pictures throughout the book and spotting the subtle hints the author has given us. We then wrote in role as Dr Hunter and applied our knowledge of persuasive techniques to write a letter, inviting Horace and Glenda to Eatem Hall. Little do they know, it's not quite as wonderful as it seems!


Olive- "My favourite part of 'Guess Who's Coming for Dinner?' were the eyes in the pictures because they gave us clues that Dr Hunter is an evil character."


Kian- "I liked writing as Dr Hunter and persuading Horace and Glenda to visit Eatem Hall."



In our maths lessons, we have been exploring British money. We have really enjoyed making amounts of money using coins and notes in as many different ways as we can! We have also been adding and subtracting money by partitioning amounts into pounds and pence first. We have loved being able to explore coins and notes using concrete resources and feel confident now in being able to use money independently. We are looking forward to being able to apply these new skills to add amounts together to 'buy' something, before using subtraction to find out how much change we would get back. 


Elodie: "We need to know what pounds and pence are and how we can use money to buy things!"


Toby: "I've enjoyed converting pounds to pence."


Gaurav: "I've enjoyed learning all about the different coins we can use!"



In our geography lessons, we have been learning about climate change! We started by learning about the different climate zones around the world. So far, we have learnt lots about the polar region and the impact global warming has there. We can't wait to learn even more about the impact of global warming and even create our own speeches inspired by Greta Thunburg. We feel really passionately about working together to stop climate change and informing others about the impact it could have if we don't all make changes to our lifestyles. Have a look at some of the work we have done so far!


Jacob: "I have really enjoyed learning about the different climate zones! I'm excited to learn how to slow climate change down and become an eco-superhero!"



In science, we are looking at plant life cycles. It has been really exciting to watch our sunflower seeds germinate and we are eagerly awaiting the shoot that shows us the plant is well on its way to becoming a towering sunflower! We look forward to planting them in the school grounds and seeing which class has the tallest sunflower! We have learnt the names of all of the parts of a flower and what important job they do in helping plants create seeds.  We used daffodils to identify each part, creating our own posters to show our understanding of the function of that part. Our next stop on the plant life cycle will be pollination - watch out for bees and butterflies!