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Year 2

On Monday 7th November, we learnt about the Great Fire of London in a performance workshop! We got to meet Thomas Farriner, act out the events and we made a timeline. We also made a dance using the Great Fire of London as a stimulus. We learnt so much to help us with our history learning. What do you know about the great fire of London? Where did it start? What was the baker’s name? What year did it start?


We made a dance with acting of the great fire of London. We pretended to pick up buckets of water and throw them on people who were pretending to be the fire.



We learnt a song : “Fire! Fire!” screamed the town crier. The buildings are a burning and the situations dire! Every mother, every father, every son and daughter, pick a bucket up and put it out with water!”



I liked doing the timeline. We all stood up in a line and we acted out the story in order of how we were stood. It told the story really quickly and we all got to play a part!



I liked it when Amelia was spinning and being the fire in the middle. We went in a time machine back to 1666 and learnt about what it was like at this time.