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Science: Working Scientifically


Last half term Year 2 absolutely loved their science unit on ‘Working Scientifically’. Across the classrooms the children took part in many knowledge and skill based activities whilst being immersed in exciting science experiments. To help them understand each scientific skill they started each lesson by exploring a famous scientist, these included: Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Mary Anning and many more.  Notably, the children’s favourite part of the lesson was carrying out an experiment by focusing on a particular skill. The children enjoyed a variety of experiments such as, planning their own skittles experiment, making observations about reactions and recording their findings following a chromatography experiment. This topic has really promoted a love of science, the children can’t wait to use the key science skills throughout the year! 



"It is important for us to learn about lots of scientists because they help us to see how our science skills are used in real life. I found out there are even some children scientists, which makes me so excited! If I could be a scientist I would want to be Mary Anning because she found fossils which I am interested in." -Beth


"I enjoyed planning my own skittles science experiment to find out what liquid will allow skittles to spread in. We waited to observe what would happen in different liquids, I tested lemonade and water to see if a fizzy liquid would spread differently. I observed the colour spread into the middle for both." -Katherine