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'Egg'cellent learning in Year 2!

What a 'cracking' start to the second half of the Spring term for Year 2!  The excitement is buzzing in the Year 2 corridor as the children have been going 'quackers' over the arrival of our duck eggs!  In preparation, the children found out all about different animal food chains in Science and created their own food webs for different habitats.  They couldn't quite believe that it is possible for a snake to eat a frog!  It provoked some fantastic lines of enquiry for the children!


To make us the best 'mother ducks' we can be, the children used their scientific skills and knowledge to raise questions about ducklings, thinking about their life cycle.  


How does the duckling hatch out of the egg?  Zak


How can we look after the ducklings and keep them warm if we don't have their mother duck too?  Betsy


How long is it before a duckling can swim?  Maja


The children have also researched the life cycles of a variety of different animals and compared and contrasted them before the exciting day of 15th March when the eggs finally arrived.  Since then, we have been lucky enough to have a 100% hatch rate and the children have absolutely loved handling the ducklings and caring for them!


What a World Book Day!

World Book Day in Year 2 was a world of fun! Year 2 loves to read, so a day dedicated to celebrating books was filled with adventure, excitement and a lot of happy children (and teachers).


The class teachers chose to base the day around one of year 2's favourite authors, Rob Biddulph. Not only does he draw fantastic illustrations but he also writes such captivating books. There was a lot to explore: penguins and kites, a loveable monster called Kevin, an illustrated city with Peanut and finally a class's out of this world show and tell day. 


We had many activities planned that opened our minds to the possibilities of a good book. A memorable moment of the day was when Year 5 children came and read with us, we had lots of amazing conversations and a chance to enjoy reading as peers. 


We have such fantastic writers in year 2 so we decided not only to read books but to create our own story to tell. We chose our favourite story and added a new character from our class read, an example was, 'Peanut and the Philosopher's Stone'. 


Harris: 'It was such a fun day exploring books. My favourite part was sharing my favourite stories from the class library with the Year 5 children.'


Tilly: 'I really enjoyed learning how to draw Rob Biddulph and putting him into my favourite story book, I designed 'Rob the Monster' after writing about 'Moz the Monster’ in english. 


Ffion: ‘In 'Show and Tell' by Rob Biddulph they brought in some HUGE show and tells like the moon!. I created a castle to bring to show and tell using 3D shapes in maths.' 


Conall: 'I loved exploring symmetry in maths and creating my own kite after reading all about kites in Rob's book 'Blown Away' 

Maya: 'I shared a book with Miss McIlorum that I thought she would enjoy, Grimwood, and I loved seeing her dress up as Nancy, the main fox character in the book.' 


Designers at work!

Nursery Rhymes could be heard being sung down the Year 2 corridor as the children explored different winding mechanisms, including cranes and wind-up cars.  'London Bridge is falling down' was a particular favourite!  After their initial exploration, they designed their own winding mechanism, thinking carefully about which Nursery Rhymes had a winding element and paying close attention to the brief of an appealingpurposeful and functional product.  The children worked well in groups to create their final pieces, thinking about what Year R might like and thoroughly enjoyed sharing their finished products.


Believe it or not?

The words 'belief', 'opinion' and 'fact' have been the topic of conversation in our RE lessons. The children have been looking at this in preparation for learning about Christian's Holy week. At our inquiry stage of learning, the children have been able to make good links between their RE learning ,their writing topic on mythical creatures and their PSHE learning. Here are some quotes from the children. 


Georgia (2H)  - A belief is something that you think and believe in, and we know that someone else might think differently to us. An example of a belief is you can believe that God is real. 


Ziyan (2H)  - An opinion is an attitude you have so you might like cats and not dogs. You might be friends with someone who likes the same things as you but some might not like the same things as you and that is ok.  


Arlo (2H) - In writing, we have been learning about mythical creatures, a fact about a mythical creature could be that it is half dragon, half dog.


Kian (2H)  - I think a unicorn is the best mythical creature because it can fly and its horns can have magical powers. This is an opinion because it is something I think and it is my own ideas.


Tilly (2M) - A fact is when you tell someone something that they don't know.


Remi (2W)  - I think an opinion is something you think is better than something else. I can give an opinion about mythical creatures. My favourite mythical creature is a Pixie as they have magical wings. 


Lighting up our learning with 'The Lady with the Lamp’

Through exploring different pictorial sources, we have been investigating who Florence Nightingale was, what she did and the impact she had.  You would not believe how dirty those hospitals were in Scutari before Florence arrived! 


To start exploring Florence Nightingale, we thought about what the hospitals were like in Scutari in Victorian times.  To do this, we took part in ‘construction relay’ where we worked in groups to look at an image and recreate it as a group, it really made us focus on the finer details! It was great fun to lead our own learning and generate our own ideas and thoughts


We have been learning about Florence Nightingale and hospitals.  It was really fun playing the drawing game as we had to remember what we had seen and what the hospital looked like.  - Hannah


We looked at lots of clues to help us to think about the hospitals at the time. - Axel


We used the pictures we had to ask questions like ‘why are there so many people?’ and ‘what country are they in?’ - Sam


It was very interesting to learn all about the hospitals.  In the pictures there were lots of men on the floor and very close to each other. - Sophie