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Year 2 Blog

Year 2 have had an absolutely amazing start to the new term and, as always, have been working so hard and having lots of fun at the same time!  Here are some of the exciting things we have been up to:


Our Geography Learning

We went on a very exciting trip together to St Lucia (virtually, of course!). We boarded Bitterne Park Airlines and travelled 8 and a half hours to land on this stunning Caribbean Island. Whilst we were travelling, we enjoyed looking at lots of pictures and videos that helped us explore what the island was like. Some of our favourite sightings were the Pitons, two mountainous volcanic spires, and the sulphur springs.


When we had landed, we looked at lots of photos and using our inference skills we became detectives to infer what we thought St Lucia might be like:


“I can see smoke coming out of a mountain and I know when smoke appears it is a volcano, so St Lucia must have volcanoes.” Katherine


“I can see a rainbow and I know rainbows only appear when it is wet and hot so St Lucia must have a tropical climate.” George


“I spotted on the map that St Lucia is surrounded by water. I know that islands are surrounded by water so St Lucia must be an island.” Isabelle


“I can see lots of tropical plants and beaches so St Lucia must have a really hot climate that is close to the equator.” Garsoon


We can’t wait to find out more about St Lucia and see where our exciting trip takes us!



Our Science Learning

We had a fantastic time last week planting some Small-Leaved Lime trees in our school grounds, showing how much we have learnt so far about caring for our environment.  Before we went outside, we discussed the importance of trees within our world:


"We need to plant more trees because they keep getting cut down. " Carlten

"The trees give us oxygen so we can breathe." Giacomo


We researched how to plant a tree, assigned ourselves clear roles within the team and showed some amazing teamwork when we were outside.


"We have to be really careful as we don't want to damage the tree."  Betsy

"The plastic will help to protect it from vermin."  Harris


When we came back inside, we used our gathering and recording skills (as well as knowledge we had previously acquired in our English lessons when writing instructions) to create some posters to tell other people how to plant a tree.




Our Maths Learning

We have been learning all about money, exploring lots of different ways to count and make different amounts of money in our class shops using all the British coins and notes. We have had lots of opportunities to use 'real' money, putting our learning into a real context and creating a learning environment that is fun and also challenging! 


"I know that there is no such thing as a 30p coin so you have to use other coins to make this amount." Conall 


"I have liked using plastic coins in the class to help me represent different amounts." Georgia 


"I love taking part in a maths carousel. I really liked having the chance to count different coins and represent different amounts using bar models and part-part whole models" Maisy  


We have also been learning how to solve problems involving all four operations and distinguishing between the different language used.  We have explored different strategies for solving this problems, using practical resources and jottings, and have been learning how to represent problems using part-part-whole and comparative bar models too.



Our Writing Learning


We have thoroughly enjoyed watching the Moz the Monster John Lewis television advert, using this as a stimulus to create a piece of writing that builds tension.  Our teachers have only let us watch the first 14 seconds so far and we can't wait to find out what happens next!  To begin our journey, we created a story mapto identify the different sounds and feelings used to build suspense.  Whilst doing this, we built a toolkit to support o9ur writing, which includes using adjectives to describe the setting, sound effects and asking rhetorical questions.  One of our favourite parts of our toolkit has been ‘show me, don’t tell me’ and we used drama to act out different ways the characters might be feeling, thinking about how our bodies change for different emotions.


‘Tension is when an author makes the reader feel really scared and that they don’t know what is going to happen next.’ Michael 


‘Show me, don’t tell me means that you write about what a character is doing to show how they feel instead of just saying they are ‘scared’.’ Lily


‘We have learned that you could know that some is terrified by seeing them shake, shiver, or their eyes dart.  They also might start to sweat or freeze to stone!’ - Rosa 


Following this exciting start to the term, we can't wait to continue on our learning journey and see some fantastic final outcomes!