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Writing: George’s Marvellous Medicine Character Description


To begin this half term the children have been immersed in a classic Roald Dahl text, ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. Through this story the children have been introduced to the main character, George’s Grandma. They have been focusing on her as a villain and exploring what traits make a villainous character. So far the children have been enjoying sharing ideas using pictures, videos and other media to create mind maps. The children have focused on describing a villain’s appearance using adjectives,  actions using verbs and adverbs and their personalities using strong word choices. They can’t wait to learn more about George’s mean Grandma and write their own character description for a villainous character, making the reader feel like they are the most horrid person to exist!    



"I really like learning about villains because they are cool and malicious! We have been practising using lots of adjectives to describe how horrid villains look and using verbs to describe how they act."  -Michael 


"I have liked learning about villains because every villain is different. One of the villains we have been learning about is George's Grandma, she is really mean! I want to find out what happens to Grandma. I predict she will explode and never return!" -Freddie