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Although the half term has only just begun, Year One have had a great week!


A highlight of their week has been Eco Day.

We started the day listening to our Year Six school council representatives who told us all about the COP-26 conference, why global warming is happening and the impact of global warming. After this, the children engaged in a variety of activities that they loved, including making their own world out of tissue paper, making key words out of play dough and creating a leaf with a promise on it of how they will help prevent global warming. Their leaves are being used to create a display in the KS2 hall. 


Throughout the morning, Year 1 had 2 key activities. The first one was an information retrieval task which allowed them to find out more about global warming and ways to prevent it. They then created their own poster showing strategies for preventing global warming. The second activity involved writing a letter to Boris Johnson explaining what global warming is and why we need to take action now. They used all the information gathered throughout the day to help them write their amazing letters. 

In the afternoon, Year One children wrote a plastic pledge that they took home to their parents to try and achieve. They also had lots of fun junk modelling sea creatures out of recycled materials. 

We hope this day will have an impact on Year One's actions due to their newfound knowledge on global warming. Have a look at our pictures to see what we got up to!