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Year 1 have had such a jam packed half term and we can't believe how much learning we have already achieved. Here are some of the things we have looked at since our last blog post.


Superheroes Needed!

SUPERTATO TO THE RESCUE! After we designed our own veggie superheroes and wrote a competition entry to  showcase how amazing they are, we began writing our own comic book story to place them in. For this, we needed to create an arch nemesis for our Super Vegetable... an evil fruit. Alongside this, we also looked at the possible problems that our superheroes could face and discussed what solutions would allow them to save the day. We also looked at how using capital letters and exclamation marks in our sentences can make our writing more exciting, just like in comic books. 


All you need is...

In Year 1, we have had a clear focus on Maslow's hierarchy of needs in PSHE. During this term, we have been focusing on the aspects of our lives that we need to have to ensure that we are healthy and safe. Over the weeks, we have looked at feeling safe, our families and the NHS. But our favourite part was looking at healthy eating and designing our own fruit skewers to have as a snack. YUM!


Superb Sculptures 

We have had so much fun in our art topic on sculptures this term. We learnt about push and pull techniques using playdough and then transferred these skills onto clay for our final sculpture of an animal of our choice. We were then able to paint the clay, after it had dried, and bring the animals to life.


What is next?

Next term, we will explore writing a diary entry based on the emotions of Gerald throughout a new book - 'Giraffes Can't Dance'. We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far and can't wait to discover even more next half term.