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WOW - What a first week back it has been for us in Year 1! 

It has been lovely to have the children back, as well as hearing about the Christmas excitement each and every child experienced. 

Together with a fresh term, comes intriguing and engaging new learning journeys for the children and the teachers to begin. 


Magnificent Maths 

We have started our Maths learning by developing our place value knowledge further. For some, this has been recalling our numbers to 20 and 100, whilst also understanding 1 more and 1 less. For others, we have been using our knowledge of numbers to partition into 10s and 1s. We have been expanding our use of concrete apparatus to assist this learning. In our photos, you will see the use of dienes and counters. 


Wonderful Writing 

It is an exciting time, we are starting our new book which we explore and use to stimulate our independent writing. For this unit, we will be writing a narrative about an animal who wants to change into another. This week, we have read our new book 'Norman the Silly Slug'. We have been rehearsing and sequencing the story with actions. Also, the children have then been sorting objects into good and bad objects for Norman to use as his shell.


Our week ended on a high - we had a lovely opportunity to plant a Crab Apple Tree at the bottom of the field. In our groups, we all took on a vital role in the process of planting and securing our saplings so that they could grow and we do! 


Look at our photos to see us in action!