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Whipsnade Zoo

This week, Year 4 were very excited to attend an animal workshop hosted by Whipsnade Zoo. During the session, they learnt about the life-cycles of different animals.


It was fascinating to find out all of the ways that animals grow and adapt during their lives. The children were fortunate enough to see some of the incredible animals who live in the zoo.

During the afternoon, they met a group of chimpanzees, including Bonnie, Coco and Elvis, and learnt lots of interesting facts about them. 


It was wonderful to have the opportunity for children's questions to be answered by an expert and they came away feeling inspired to find out more.


Year 3 really enjoyed their virtual school trip to Whipsnade Zoo.

It was really exciting to see the penguins playing outside and learning about their life cycles.

Year 3 also enjoyed comparing the life cycle of different animals and exploring how they look after their young. It was fantastic to be able to ask an expert questions about the animals and the children discovered some really interesting new facts! 


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