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Week 1

Our new Year R pupils have had a wonderful first week at ‘big’ school! We have all been supporting each other to learn routines and make new friends. Each base has thought of their own rules to keep us safe and happy whilst we learn and play. We have loved exploring all of the different bases, both during our rotating morning ‘jobs’ and through our self-directed play at ‘Busy Bee’ time. We have adapted well to the lunchtime routine and have found it very exciting to play out on the ‘big’ playground. Many of us have experienced the delight of being asked to move our pegs up when the teachers have been especially pleased with us. Each colour base has also chosen their ‘Star of the Week’ and we are all trying very hard to be chosen to take the class teddy home next!


Thank you to our parents for providing us with all our PE kits, welly boots and spare clothes. Next week we look forward to exploring the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’


‘We have all settled into Year R this week, getting to know our teachers and teaching assistants. We have explored our classroom, outside area, library and look forward to exploring the rest of the school.


In maths we have been investigating shape, number and showing our teachers what we know. In English we have enjoyed looking at different sounds and practising writing our names. We have all been given a Lilac reading book to practise our reading skills at home and in school. We have also been issued a library book to enjoy. We have all created a beautiful family portrait, which are now on display in our Art area. We enjoyed sharing our ‘All About Me’ box and all our lovely photos have been added to our learning journeys.


Thank you to our parents for attending the parent workshops and we look forward to being in full time next week.”