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Water Day

Water Day


As part of our Eco Learning, this half term we have had a key focus on the use of water. We have been learning about hygiene and sanitation and also around access to clean water. 


Our learning started with a wonderful assembly from 'Water Aid' at the start of March and culminated with a fantastic 'Water Day' on Friday 1st April.


We took part in a variety of activities to learn about water access, with Year R producing a short video on the importance and safety of water butts, Year 1 writing poems inspired by the 'Water Princess', Year 2 tackling the WaterAid School Challenge of building a tippy tap, Year 3 creating Action Plans to help preserve water, Year 4 writing and publishing meaningful poems with thought behind life without access to clean running water, Year 5 exploring the UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 before making their own rainwater harvester models using recycled materials and Year 6 turning their Goal 6 research into posters and speeches to educate others around the importance of clean water and sanitation. 


Take a look at our gallery below: