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September 2016 has seen us launch our Positive Play Zones bringing something for everyone.

Our playground spaces have been zoned to offer a range of activities and opportunities for our children.  Whether the children want to develop new skills, be active, have quiet reflective time, take part in structured activities or be creative we have a zone for them – and more besides!   The children have thoroughly embraced the new initiative and play times and lunchtimes are a happy fulfilling part of the school day.

We have benefited from some fantastic new equipment, much of which was provided for with the Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers.  It has certainly enriched our play and lunchtime experiences.  Our children have offered us some feedback so far about the new Positive Play Zones.

We are very much looking forward to enhancing this provision further with the introduction of our School Buddies in the coming week.


Quotes from pupils with reference to the Play Zones:-

“I like the play zones I like the different games it helps me make more friends” – Alfie Y1

“I like the play zone its fun and we have more things to play with like year R” -Elena Y1

“The zones and boxes are super nice I explained it to my mummy, I wrote her a letter” – Ariadna Y2

“I like being able to go into all the playgrounds I like the zones, I like that some are active ones and some are for being quiet” – Ruby Y2

“I thinks its been really nice to have the different areas and zones its more spread out and feels calm” – Thomas Y2


“The football pitch zone is my favourite it’s really fair now as we all get a turn, it’s so much easier to play nicely with fiends now things are out set up every day and ready for us” – Preston Y4

“I like the football pitch now its in its own space, we all have more space.. I like how we can mix with everyone and we don’t just play with who we already know.  The new timetables and rotas keep it all fair and we all get a proper turn with the football and play trail” – Layla Y5

“I think it’s a good idea to have zones, last year I didn’t always know what to play with or who and now I have lots of games to choose from and lots of new friends” – Hollie  Y4

“I think the zones help people who don’t know how to play with friend well there are lots of lovely things you can do. I sometimes like to read” – Joe Y4

“The zones are a good thing as people all get to play different things and with different people, we have fun and are making new friends. The football pitch is great its so good to have proper goals and the coaches to help us” Daniel Y5


“The zones are good as we all play happily and safely together” – Leanor Y5

“Its been good with the zones because different people like different things, some like to play board games, me I like the balance zone and stilts” – Lewis Y6

“The zones are good before we didn’t have much to choose to do except run around now we can do so many different things its always fun and different” – Ruby Y6