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Girls’ football at Molineux

Following on from two successive tournament victories, our girls’ football team represented not just our school, but also Southampton football club, at Molineux (home of Wolverhampton Wanderers).


This incredible experience began by travelling up on a luxury coach, previously used by Chelsea football club: our girls were able to travel like professional footballers. This was followed by an overnight stay in a superb hotel. The girls showed impeccable behaviour throughout the whole stay.


The actual day itself was unbelievable! Alongside the once-in-a-life-time experience of playing on a Premier League pitch, they were able to run out onto the pitch with the other teams in an opening ceremony. This was accompanied by the Premier League theme song. After their first round of matches, they visited the changing rooms and had their picture taken with the Premier League trophy- having been held by Vincent Kompany barely a week before.


Once all that excitement was completed, the girls participated in the tournament, which was a national final. The girls put in strong performances against the other champions from around the country and finished with a one very respectable win, a hard fought draw and two close defeats. In one match they were within seconds of stopping the eventual champions, Leicester City, from achieving what was to be a 100% record at the tournament.


Well done girls, this was a just reward for all the hard work you have put into representing your school this year!