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December 2017

In Year Six we are working on mapping in our Geography lessons.

We will be exploring changes and relationships during PSHE time. We will be heading off to the west-country for our residential adventure.

This will be our last term at primary school and although we will be sad to leave this part of our journey behind, our adventure continues and we will embrace it, equipped with the tools and skills that we have acquired during our time spent in primary.


In summer 1 Year 5 was investigating the Victorians, and what life was like for Victorian children at school and at home.

We looked at the timeline of this long-lived Monach and drew comparisons between Victorian life and our own experiences.

We were also lucky enough to have been loaned a victorian artefact box from The Southampton Sea City Museum. We explored victorian life through handling and observing real artefacts. The children used their inference skills to find out what they were used for and what each artefact was.


This may be a good place to look to explore more  –


In Science we explored the Solar System and visited Winchester Science Centre to further investigate the workings of our solar system and its place in the Galaxy.


Spring 1

In year 3 we are aiming to develop our independence, taking on more responsibility for our own learning.

Watch as we work through the Reading Challenge earning ourselves house points and rewards.

Also we are developing our timetable skills. How many Titans can we defeat this year?

In the Spring term we will be looking at Ancient Egypt.

This exciting topic will include a trip down the Egypt timeline discovering all about the great rulers.

We will delve into ancient Egyptian ritual learning all about the many Egyptian gods. Even having a go at printing our name’s in Hieroglyphics.

Jump on board with us for an exciting ( and slightly gruesome) journey back in time.

These links will give you a taste of what’s to come.

Other topics this term include the Fantastic Mr Fox. In our literacy lessons we will be holding a class debate on who is in the wrong … the farmers or the fox? Develop your debating skills for this important matter! Within science we are getting our Newton brains on, learning all about forces and magnets.