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City Athletics Tuesday 12th June 2018

City Athletics Tuesday 12th June 2018

Following a rigorous selection process in PE during the Summer 1 term, we were able to take a team of 28 children to participate against the best child athletes in the city. What an incredible day this proved to be! Before athletic achievements are even mentioned, we are all very proud of the impeccable behaviour shown by the children on the day. They were a true credit to themselves, their parents and the school.


Alongside this, excellence was shown in every single event by children competing against the best athletes in the city. The list of achievements could be endless so what follows in this report is a summary of all the point scoring events.


In the track events, we qualified from the heats into an impressive 10 out of the 16 finals. Our final placings in these finals were:
Year 3 60m Boys - Archie 4th
Year 6 150m Boys- 3rd
Lower School Relay 100m x 4 Girls- 3rd
Lower School Relay 100m x 4 Boys- 4th
Upper School Relay 100m x 4 Boys- 3rd
Upper School Relay 100m x 4 Girls- 2nd
Year 3 60m Girls- 5th
Year 6 80m Girls- Lucy 3rd
Year 6 150m Girls- Lacey 4th
We can be incredibly proud of Ethan, who won the 80m boys race, and at the same time set the record for the fastest time EVER in the City Athletics competition. Well done Ethan! 


In the track(without heats), we also had an impressive 5th place from Leo in the 400m boys and a 2nd place in the 1000m girls by Lydia. 


Throughout the day several of the children participated in field events, including long jump (into an actual sand pit), cricket/rounders ball throw, high jump (which did include a bar to jump over). Once again, all the children who participated performed to a high level. We were able to score points in the following events:


Lower School Long Jump Girls- Hallie 6th 
Upper School Long Jump Girls- Lacey 4th
Upper School Triple Jump Girls-  Lydia 3rd
Upper School Triple Jump Boys-  Ben 3rd


Final standings
Undoubtedly these results were incredible achievements against a very high level of competition. When all of the points scoring events were counted up, we achieved a very respectable position (out of 24 schools) of 6th in the boy's competition and 2nd in the girl's competition. Well done to the girls for their second place finish- enjoy showing off your silver medals! 


This culminated in a final standing for Bitterne Park Primary of 4th overall. We are incredibly proud of what our children achieved on this day!