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In year 5…


Thursday 26th April 2018
Girls football tournament

On a day which had glorious sunshine and heavy showers within 5 minutes of each other the girls showed great teamwork, skill and most importantly respect to their opponents.

Bitterne Park 0-0 Kanes Hill
From the first whistle, the girls dominated. They were effective in attack and had the other side penned into their own box for long periods of the game. With several chances they were desperately unlucky not to score.
Player of the match- Ella- several great runs from midfield caused the other team all sorts of problems.

Basset Green 1-1 Bitterne Park
This was a challenging game for the girls against the eventual winners of the group. They quickly recovered from conceding an early goal and Amy scored a fantastically placed shot to even up. At that stage the girls were buzzing and with a touch more luck would have won the game.
Player of the match- Leyla- controlled things from midfield and provided a great assist for the goal.

Shirley Warren 0 – 3 Bitterne Park
Similar to the first game the girls dominated throughout the game. The big difference in this game was the ruthlessness they showed in attack and taking their chances. Amy finished with a brace (2 goals) and Ella added a third to complete a great victory.
Player of the Match- Amy- two brilliant goals.

After 1 win and 2 draws (undefeated in the group stage) the girls moved onto the quarter finals.

Oakland 2-0 Bitterne Park
Although the girls lost this game, it was probably their best performance. They defended resolutely and stopped Oakland from scoring for quite some time. Throughout the game they linked up well with their passing and on another day could have pushed for the draw.
Player of the match- Jess- several great saves kept the team in the game.

Thursday 19th April 2018 Boys football

After snow and torrential rain called off the first two dates for the final round of fixtures the boys were finally able to play their last set of games- in nothing less than absolutely glorious sunshine.

Bitterne Park 0 – 1 St Monica
A really tough start for the boys against a very talented side. They should take a lot of heart from several really promising breaks against a resolute defence.
Man of the match- Owen- a great subs performance brought extra determination and drive to the side.

Townhill 0 – 1 Bitterne Park
Goals: Cruz
In this game the boys created a number of great chances, with a little bit of extra resolve it would have finished with several more goals.
Man of the match- Bastian- a fantastic influence on the game bringing strength to the back line.

Bitterne Park 1-1 Bitterne C of E
Goals: Blake
In an evenly match game, we were able to take the lead early. CofE hit back soon after in a game which saw both sides have several chances to win it.
MOTM- Blake- a fantastic hit for his goal.

In a little bonus friendly the boys won 2-1 against Calmore. This was a tough game which the boys edged with goals from Owen and Ben (and what a goal it was!!!)
MOTM- Ben- an absolute worldie goal to win it.

Thank you very much to the boys, it has been a pleasure to work with such a talented and respectful team during this year’s season.

For World Book Day, Year 4 looked at the story of ‘My Brother is a Superhero’ by David Solomons. We explored the text and made predictions about what we thought might happen next, as well as the adventures we might face if we became a superhero.

We also worked as a team to encourage the whole year group to be reading together. As a challenge, we aimed to do this whilst creating the shape of the number 4, which was a huge success!

“It has been a great day learning about superheroes! I loved creating onomatopoeia art work. My favourite book is Roald Dahl and I came as Matilda because she loves reading books.” Evie.

“World Book Day was really fun because we could make our own onomatopoeia words in big bold writing. I also enjoyed English, where we wrote about superheroes. I made a newspaper report about a hero finding a mysterious robber.” Alexander.


Year 1 and 2 Racket skills festival

Using a variety of different rackets, we had a chance to practise different skills and improve our hand-to-eye coordination. We were able to play loads of different games such as hot potato, keepie uppies and races.

Boys football league Friday 8th February

Ludlow 0-1 Bitterne Park Primary
In this game the boys slowly edged ahead. Several probing runs from Harry and Ethan constantly caused problems for the opposition defence. Dan and Jude kept things tight in defence and a fine strike from Ethan made the difference.
Man of the Match: Ethan- several brilliant runs and passes forward terrified the opposition.

Bitterne Park 1-0 Bitterne C of E
A brilliant game from the boys playing against a very good side. There were some fine moments from both sides with both defences holding firm. Ben and Owen were both unlucky not to score after fantastic shots. With the last kick of the match, Cruz finished the game with a fine strike.
Man of the Match- Blake- with his second assist of the evening, his work rate, positioning and fine passing made the difference.

Bitterne Park 0-0 Sholing
Playing on a pitch that resembled a cross between the beach and a mud bath, the boys put in a determined performance. An incredibly well caught shot from Jude was stopped by an almost impossible save from the opposition goalkeeper to prevent a clean sweep of wins from the evening.
Man of the Match- Kyran- keeping the goal safe was incredibly difficult on this pitch. He showed brilliant reactions to stop shots which moved along the ground in a completely unnatural way.


World book day
Year 5 came in wearing a range of incredible outfits- thank you parents!!

To celebrate the day, we had a theme of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The children created their own unusual creatures using their reflection skills and sorted them using a Venn diagram by their properties.

The main project of the day saw the children creating their own playscript, featuring meeting an unusual creature for the first time. The children performed these and published these into a class book.

We had a fantastic World Book Day!


Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day. When they realised the original day was snowed off, we had many requests to reschedule! After bringing in their favourite book, each child created their own advert for it and designed alternative sell-able covers. The costumes were fantastic as you can see from this selection of pictures


Week 2

Our second week has been a very busy one! As we grow in confidence, we really love to show our adults how much we know. In Literacy we have been practising reading and writing our names, exploring the names and sounds of the letters of the alphabet, and taking responsibility for changing our own home reading books. In Maths, we have been exploring different shapes and patterns, as well as learning to carefully touch count objects and represent quantities using numerals. We have continued to get to know one another better by playing in groups and sharing our ‘All About Me’ boxes. On Friday we were proud to show off what we have learnt in phonics at our first parent workshop, and we are looking forward to learning even more sounds every week!
Next week our learning will focus around the traditional tale, ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We will be acting out the story using props in the role play and learning to order by size and quantity in Maths – but we are especially looking forward to making and tasting real porridge! Yum!

Week 1

Our new Year R pupils have had a wonderful first week at ‘big’ school! We have all been supporting each other to learn routines and make new friends. Each base has thought of their own rules to keep us safe and happy whilst we learn and play. We have loved exploring all of the different bases, both during our rotating morning ‘jobs’ and through our self-directed play at ‘Busy Bee’ time. We have adapted well to the lunchtime routine and have found it very exciting to play out on the ‘big’ playground. Many of us have experienced the delight of being asked to move our pegs up when the teachers have been especially pleased with us. Each colour base has also chosen their ‘Star of the Week’ and we are all trying very hard to be chosen to take the class teddy home next!

Thank you to our parents for providing us with all our PE kits, welly boots and spare clothes. Next week we look forward to exploring the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’

‘We have all settled into Year R this week, getting to know our teachers and teaching assistants. We have explored our classroom, outside area, library and look forward to exploring the rest of the school.

In maths we have been investigating shape, number and showing our teachers what we know. In English we have enjoyed looking at different sounds and practising writing our names. We have all been given a Lilac reading book to practise our reading skills at home and in school. We have also been issued a library book to enjoy. We have all created a beautiful family portrait, which are now on display in our Art area. We enjoyed sharing our ‘All About Me’ box and all our lovely photos have been added to our learning journeys.

Thank you to our parents for attending the parent workshops and we look forward to being in full time next week.”

December 2017

Year 6 enjoyed being involved in the Macbeth performance by the talented Young Shakespeare Company on Monday 4th December. The constant questioning throughout has helped them to unpick the story and the involvement in the story will keep it fresh and memorable. Well done to all the children for listening so well and enthusiastically joining in at the right moments. The theater company were impressed!

In Year Six we are working on mapping in our Geography lessons.

We will be exploring changes and relationships during PSHE time. We will be heading off to the west-country for our residential adventure.

This will be our last term at primary school and although we will be sad to leave this part of our journey behind, our adventure continues and we will embrace it, equipped with the tools and skills that we have acquired during our time spent in primary.

In summer 1 Year 5 was investigating the Victorians, and what life was like for Victorian children at school and at home.

We looked at the timeline of this long-lived Monach and drew comparisons between Victorian life and our own experiences.

We were also lucky enough to have been loaned a victorian artefact box from The Southampton Sea City Museum. We explored victorian life through handling and observing real artefacts. The children used their inference skills to find out what they were used for and what each artefact was.

This may be a good place to look to explore more  – http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/victorian_britain/

In Science we explored the Solar System and visited Winchester Science Centre to further investigate the workings of our solar system and its place in the Galaxy.



Spring 1

In year 3 we are aiming to develop our independence, taking on more responsibility for our own learning.
Watch as we work through the Reading Challenge earning ourselves house points and rewards.
Also we are developing our timetable skills. How many Titans can we defeat this year?
In the Spring term we will be looking at Ancient Egypt.
This exciting topic will include a trip down the Egypt timeline discovering all about the great rulers.
We will delve into ancient Egyptian ritual learning all about the many Egyptian gods. Even having a go at printing our name’s in Hieroglyphics.
Jump on board with us for an exciting ( and slightly gruesome) journey back in time.
These links will give you a taste of what’s to come.



Other topics this term include the Fantastic Mr Fox. In our literacy lessons we will be holding a class debate on who is in the wrong … the farmers or the fox? Develop your debating skills for this important matter! Within science we are getting our Newton brains on, learning all about forces and magnets.

This week, we have been enjoying taking part in Royal Mail’s Christmas Stamp competition. Children from all year groups were tasked with designing their very own stamp which represented ‘What does the Christmas season mean to me?’ We had a fantastic number of entries which have been sent to Royal Mail for judging. We are now eagerly waiting to hear if any of our entries have made it to the final stages! Here is a selection of the entries submitted.

Aliens have landed! year 2 investigate

Royal Research Ship James Cook

Year 4 went to visit the Royal Research Ship James Cook on Friday 20 January. We learned all about the ship’s missions and the scientific work that they carry out on board. The children really enjoyed meeting the captain and the working scientists on board. They asked lots of questions and learned lots about how the ship runs and what the scientists have learned themselves.

ship trip


“I enjoyed seeing the wet lab, learning about all the things they look at. Also, I liked learning about Boaty McBoatface”.


“I enjoyed seeing all of the buttons and learning how things work in the bridge. I also enjoyed seeing Boaty McBoatface”.

17 January – Open Morning

Open morning today was a great success with many parents, carers and family members coming to join in and sample a Maths lesson or join our YR children with their busy bee time. Many thanks to all who came. There was a really positive vibe from both parents and our children.
‘ Thank you so much for allowing me to see both my children enthused and excited about their learning, it really is good to see they are both in great hands’ Parent of child in Y1 and Y3.
‘I loved showing Nanny what I can do in my maths lessons and she was really good at it too!’
Child Y2
‘Wow ratio in Year 6 certainly made me get my thinking and learning head on this morning, thank you for a great hour’
Parent of child in Y6

Year 6

At the start of December the year 6’s experienced Shakespeare’s Macbeth, as it is meant to be experienced: as a gripping live play! We enjoyed joining in the acting at various points and getting to know the story that will be influencing our writing next term. We also had Sinclair Primary School children join us. They were made very welcome by the lovely BPPS Year 6s and they also thoroughly enjoyed the performance.


Year 2

On Monday 7th November, we learnt about the Great Fire of London in a performance workshop! We got to meet Thomas Farriner, act out the events and we made a timeline. We also made a dance using the Great Fire of London as a stimulus. We learnt so much to help us with our history learning. What do you know about the great fire of London?           Where did it start? What was the baker’s name? What year did it start?

Bethany and Isla


We made a dance with acting of the great fire of London. We pretended to pick up buckets of water and throw them on people who were pretending to be the fire.



We learnt a song : “Fire! Fire!” screamed the town crier. The buildings are a burning and the situations dire! Every mother, every father, every son and daughter, pick a bucket up and put it out with water!”



I liked doing the timeline. We all stood up in a line and we acted out the story in order of how we were stood. It told the story really quickly and we all got to play a part!



I liked it when Amelia was spinning and being the fire in the middle. We went in a time machine back to 1666 and learnt about what it was like at this time.


 Singing sensations

“On Thursday 17th September, our school singing club, comprising of 100 children from across the school, sang in the Marlands shopping centre for the turning on of the Christmas lights. The children performed songs from a large repertoire learnt over a few years and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The performance included traditional Christmas carols, songs depicting events from the Nativity Story and upbeat popular Christmas songs. The event was AMAZING and was loved by all. The children can’t wait to be invited back again next year!!


The Marlands organisers said “We would like to say a huge thank you to both the staff and the children for arranging and producing an incredible performance last night at the Marlands Christmas light switch on. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did! It was a great event and the children’s performance was wonderful and received a remarkable reception from the audience.”

“It was the best evening and I can’t wait to do it next year.” Year 2 child

“For their first public performance, it was amazing!” Year 6 grandparent

“Boogie Woogie Santa sounded fantastic and you could see how much the children enjoyed performing it.” Year 3 parent

“Rudolph the red nosed reindeer was the best song of the evening with the children singing the echoes. They looked like they were having so much fun.” Staff member

“I loved it. There were so many people watching and we sang lots of fun songs.” Year 1 child

Your school council minutes

Cross Country

Cross country took part at Southampton Athletic Centre. On the 14th of October, 21st of October and 11th November, 10 of us took part in the Cross Country races alongside 350 children.

The Boys ran first then a few minutes after the Girls followed with their race. We did very well with 2 of our children coming in the top 10 and all children placing in the top 90!
The 10 of us that went had so much FUN – we all hope to do this next year.
Article written by Ellie Mae and Summer 😀
Year 6 Bitterne Park Primary

Well Done Bitterne Park Primary for our fundraising efforts with SPOTACULAR Children in Need day.

We have raised an amazing £513.92 which will go towards many charity projects to help improve the lives of so many young people.

As the festivities of Bonfire night approaches…

please take time to share this wonderful story with your children to get them thinking about their own safety during this exciting time of year.


Attention Year R Parents…

… we have put together some exciting home challenges for our year R pupils to work on at home to show you the skills they have been working on at school. Please check out the Year R curriculum area. CLICK HERE

Fairytale Ball – Year 1


In Year 1

“Our history topic for Autumn 1 has been ‘toys through time’. We had a special treat in our final history lesson, when we got a chance to play with some old toys. We played with old dolls and trains and even had a game of marbles!”

Year R have been talking about growth mindset, we read the books ‘the dot’ and ‘the beautiful oops’ and it got us thinking about how it is OK to make a mistake.


“If I make a mistake I just cross it out”-India

“When I make mistakes I just scrunch the paper up put it in the bin and start again.” -Bethan

We made our own book called ‘I can’t do it yet, but I will try my best’ and each of us drew pictures of things we find really tricky to do but want to get better at by practicing and trying our best.


“I want to write my name”- Kayla


“I want to get better at big numbers I want to count all the way to 100” -Eli


“I’m not very good at swimming I want to practice swimming on my back” – Lucy


In year R we have all settled into our new school routine really well.

So far we have been exploring, getting to know where everything is, playing with exciting new toys and learning to tidy them up again and putting them away in the correct place! We have been on a tour of our new school and met lots of new faces. We are getting to know each other by sharing and talking about our fantastic “all about me” boxes which we made with our mummys and daddys.

This half term our topic is “Beware of the Bears” and we will be basing our learning around the books – Goldilocks, Peace at Last, Whatever Next and Bear Hunt.

We will be doing lots of fun things such as learning rhymes and songs to support our number and letter formation, exploring paint, collage and clay, tasting porridge and voting for our favourite topping. And we are really looking forward to watching, and joining in with, a drama workshop all about “We’re going on a Bear Hunt!”

Don’t forget to send in your Proud Clouds so we can celebrate your child’s achievements.

Let us know you are proud

In other parts of the school…

In year R we have been getting to know each other. In July our teachers gave us a box when they came to visit our house. Over Summer our parents have helped us to decorate our box and put things inside. During the first few weeks at school we have been really brave and stood up infront of our new friends using our boxes to talk “all about me!”

7th October 2016

Thank you to all parents who came along to the ‘Y1 Phonics Test’ workshop.

Below are links to the the slides from the powerpoint, and also the information given out on the day.

2016-17 Parent phonics booklet

2016-17 Children and parents phonics workshop

3rd October 2016 – Library bus

Today the Southampton Schools Library Service came to visit us, with their amazing bus of travelling books! Ms Whettingsteel had some super volunteers from each year group who helped us to pick some exciting new stock for our library. Look out for some fantastic new books hitting the shelves soon!
Let's face it, Books are Best

Let’s face it, Books are Best

Come and have a look at our amazing work in year R! We have used mirrors to make our very own self portraits.


In year one we’re mental for maths…

We have been doing lots of mental arithmetic in maths this term.

We begin with the multilink cubes in the blue hula hoop, and then we split them into two parts. Then we record the number sentence on a whiteboard to show our teacher.

We have also been working on our number formation in maths. Miss Campbell has these posters to help us remember the shape the numbers have when they are written. In this photo, we are putting the numbers in the correct order so we can use it as a number line.

Handwriting is an important skill to have when recording our findings, it helps us to share our findings with others.

In Year R we have been practicing our fine motor and gross motor skills to prepare us for writing!

School Council

Our School Councillors met with School Councillors from across the Partnership. Read more here.

YEAR R – In Busy Bee time we have been busy exploring all the exciting things we can do inside and out!



During the summer holidays, the English team ran an ‘Extreme Reading Challenge’. We asked the children to take some fantastic reading photos to display in our library area so that we can show off our love of reading!

We had HUNDREDS of entries… taken all over the world! We saw photographs taken of children reading in London, Paris, Italy, and even Japan, to name a few! Children from Bitterne Park have been spotted reading in all sorts of extreme places, including in swimming pools, on boats, in trees, and even on top of stationary cars!
It was very difficult to choose an overall winner, as the photos were all so fabulous that we have picked 5 winners from each Key Stage! They are…

We have been very impressed

at how all the boys and girls in year R have settled into the school routine for Year R so quickly. Here are a few pictures of us enjoying our morning jobs.

Butser Hill Ancient Farm Trip – Year 3

Year 3 went on an educational visit to Butser hill ancient farm to enhance and bring to life our History project this term.

When we arrived the whole year group went into a roundhouse. We were very surprised at how dark it was inside with only the small fire for light and warmth.

“I really enjoyed making the jewellery because it was pretty.”

“The chalk carving was like magic when we scratched off the dirt to show the white chalk!”

“The clunch was really sticky and disgusting in my hand when I pushed it on the wall.”

“I really liked making the thumb pots.”

We all had a fantastic time at Butser Ancient Farm. If you would like to find out more and perhaps make your own visit, details can be found… Butser Ancient Farm



September 2016 has seen us launch our Positive Play Zones bringing something for everyone.
Our playground spaces have been zoned to offer a range of activities and opportunities for our children.  Whether the children want to develop new skills, be active, have quiet reflective time, take part in structured activities or be creative we have a zone for them – and more besides!   The children have thoroughly embraced the new initiative and play times and lunchtimes are a happy fulfilling part of the school day.
We have benefited from some fantastic new equipment, much of which was provided for with the Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers.  It has certainly enriched our play and lunchtime experiences.  Our children have offered us some feedback so far about the new Positive Play Zones.
We are very much looking forward to enhancing this provision further with the introduction of our School Buddies in the coming week.

Quotes from pupils with reference to the Play Zones:-

“I like the play zones I like the different games it helps me make more friends” – Alfie Y1

“I like the play zone its fun and we have more things to play with like year R” -Elena Y1

“The zones and boxes are super nice I explained it to my mummy, I wrote her a letter” – Ariadna Y2

“I like being able to go into all the playgrounds I like the zones, I like that some are active ones and some are for being quiet” – Ruby Y2

“I thinks its been really nice to have the different areas and zones its more spread out and feels calm” – Thomas Y2

“The football pitch zone is my favourite it’s really fair now as we all get a turn, it’s so much easier to play nicely with fiends now things are out set up every day and ready for us” – Preston Y4

“I like the football pitch now its in its own space, we all have more space.. I like how we can mix with everyone and we don’t just play with who we already know.  The new timetables and rotas keep it all fair and we all get a proper turn with the football and play trail” – Layla Y5

“I think it’s a good idea to have zones, last year I didn’t always know what to play with or who and now I have lots of games to choose from and lots of new friends” – Hollie  Y4

“I think the zones help people who don’t know how to play with friend well there are lots of lovely things you can do. I sometimes like to read” – Joe Y4

“The zones are a good thing as people all get to play different things and with different people, we have fun and are making new friends. The football pitch is great its so good to have proper goals and the coaches to help us” Daniel Y5

“The zones are good as we all play happily and safely together” – Leanor Y5

“Its been good with the zones because different people like different things, some like to play board games, me I like the balance zone and stilts” – Lewis Y6

“The zones are good before we didn’t have much to choose to do except run around now we can do so many different things its always fun and different” – Ruby Y6




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