23 March 2017

We have just received some amazing news… The Greenspace order has been approved!

This means that our children will have access to safe unfettered playspace for future generations and our community will also be able to use this area as a clean and safe space.

We would like to thank every member of our school community, from children, staff, parents and members of the general public who have supported our children. In particular we thank our Governing Body and our Estates Manager. Our Estates Manager has been heavily involved from start to end of this process as have Governors. Both have been pivotal in supporting us in this substantial piecework.

The school will be looking to start work as soon as possible, so that our children and community can benefit from a safe playspace as soon as is practical.

Thank you once again!

Planning officer’s report

Letter following Public Inquiry

Greenspace Statement 19.1.17


September 2016

As you will already be aware from our June newsletter, the School Council has already started to plan the  ‘green space’  in anticipation of a decision from Government.

We have, however, been informed over the summer holiday that the school will need to take part in a Public Enquiry. Although we are saddened at the further delay for our children, we do welcome the opportunity to be thorough, open and clear in our intentions for the children at BPPS. The Public Enquiry has been booked for 9 to 11 February 2017 and we have employed a barrister, as is required in these cases. I shall write to all parents as soon as I know more about the organisation and support that we need to muster. Thank you again for your time and devotion to this very important matter.


October 2015

The consultation period has finished re the diversion of pathway for our greenspace access. Thank you to those parents and community members who emailed the legal team with support.

There were a number of objections re the diversion and a planning pack has now gone to The Secretary of State so that a decision can be made. This can take up to ten weeks. Once a decision is made we will know how to proceed.

There are one of two outcomes as far as I am aware.

The first, is that The Secretary of State will grant permission and we go ahead with the fence and pathway. I think given the objections this may not be the case. The second outcome is that The Secretary of State will ask for a public enquiry. This will require school to employ a barrister to hear the enquiry and up to a 45 week wait for the outcome. Let us hope that it is not that long. I know so many of you have worked tirelessly for the children within our care.

Thank you and let us hope for a speedy resolution


July 2015

The planning application was passed at City level late in June. I have to say I am enormously pleased that the support of our school community, governors, residents and councillors really helped to move this through quickly for all of our children. It was a very large piece of work, but a brilliant result for the children.

The next stage will be the legal ‘stopping up’ of the pathway and re-routing around our greenspace. In addition to this, our plans have been submitted to The Secretary of State as he now has to approve the plans as Sport England have a concern which needs a ruling. Let’s hope that this final piece of the puzzle fits into place and we can begin with the fencing and pathway works in September.

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